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Kids in need of a haircut? If you need to find out about kids haircuts in Surrey you have come to the right place.

kids haircuts in Surrey can be a tough task and we are here to give you a helping hand. Parents with young children may find it a struggle getting their young ones into the a hair salon let alone keeping them happy enough to sit still. Finding a kids haircuts in Surrey in your area can be a challenge.

One matter that parents may come across is what age to start getting thier kids hair cut. Children under a year old can have hair that is very thin. Cutting hair when it is so thin can cause permanent damage. Cutting hair within one year of birth can cause erratic growth patterns which makes. Having a hair cut when it is too thin can permanently damage it. Its best to wait until the hair has become thicker making it a lot more manageable and a lot less damaging. Typically the hair will have enough weight and thickness to be cut at around one year old. This can vary as some hair thickens earlier than others.

Now day’s kids are paying attention to the world of fashion and kids haircuts in Surrey earlier than ever before. Generally children aren’t fussed about what sort haircut they are sporting until they are around twelve years old. It is advised that a simple haircut that isn’t too long or time intensive is a safe option for. It’s a good idea to keep the hair short because there kids and they do ‘kids things’ like play in the mud and climb trees. However much you want your kids to look great with a stylish haircut, it isn’t fair to hinder there fun with a haircut that stops them from taking part in all the exciting things a child’s world has to offer.

It can be challenging getting children to a salon to have a haircut. Finding a salon that is friendly and attractive to children can be very a massive relief. A kids haircuts in Surrey that makes your children feel at home will make it easier to get them there in the future. Children salons have all sorts of attractions for kids. Toys area’s to keep them occupied while their siblings are having are being seen to can be a great idea. Games consoles, TV’s and DVD’s will keep the kids amused before during and after their cuts. Incentives for good behaviour such as lollies and biscuits have become common in man salons. In many salons first timers are rewarded for good behaviour with a certificate that they can take away with them.

Girls of a certain age on the other hand can often find a day at the salon a treat. Special party packs and celebration packages can be wonderful day for your daughter and her friends with the added bonus of going home to a clean house.

Many packs include:

* Personalised invitations

* Games and dance competitions

* Party bags Pampering (hair styling, nail polish, make up)


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At Juniors Plus we’re Mums too, so we’ve thought of everything to make your and your children’s visit to our hair salon a fun and enjoyable experience.

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